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Allie Witek is an Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist as well as a Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMC-Candidate) supporting families in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

The reality for many parents is that there’s a major gap in services. It can be difficult to find individuals who fill all the areas of support often needed by young families. Areas such as compassionate support, freedom without guilt, trust built in an equal relationship, working to improve parent’s sense of self-efficacy, or suggestions based on an understanding of the family’s values and needs.

Research has shown the incredible importance of the first 3 years of life, and their lifelong impact, yet this gap exists. My work aims to affect lasting change; to shape healthy and happy parents, infants, and family dynamics.

I can be a source of freedom and hope for parents, while helping their children build early, predictable, and trusting relationships with non-kin. A substantial amount of research and practical application goes into every interaction I have with your family, your child, and any advice or recommendations I may provide.

My role is not to tell you how to parent or which way is “the right way” — because the truth is, there isn’t one way. My role is to work with you to determine how my knowledge and experience can support your family and its unique needs.

I offer a range of knowledge and support services for new parents, parents struggling with perinatal mental health, developmental and family transitions, developmental skill building and support, support around challenging behaviours and socio-emotional development, and early intervention work with children with diagnosed or suspected mental health differences.

The majority of my services have been adapted to be able to be offered virtual/distanced formats. I am incredibly excited to launch my new Subscription services available to provide parents with an on-demand, non-judgemental, research-based, family-specific resource that’s better than Google or generations before you!