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Handcrafted Skin Care & Essential Oil Rollers

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At bélle we offer handcrafted skin care products & essential oil rollers to nurture your body, heart and soul.

We offer our famous salve "The Salve" and lip balm "The balm" which are both made with organic ingredients & pure tested grade essential oils. Our rollers offer the power of plants and affirmations combined to offer the best support.

Our rollers are created with intention backed with the power & science of each plant that is carefully selected in our blends. Each roller offers its own affirmations that match the emotional benefits of the essential oils making it a force to support your body, heart and soul. Whether you choose this as a physical and emotional support or a clean "purefume" (they really do smell amazing) we know you will love our rollers as much as we do.

The Salve is amazing for all things skin. Think skin irritations, relief from too much sun, dry skin, chapped hands, cracked heels, chapped lips, after shaving relief, ingrown hairs... soothing the skin and a great salve to apply after the bath as part of your personal self care. Infused with the most calming essential oils to relax your body and mind.

The Balm is our lip balm that both nourishes & conditions your lips. The shea butter base and carefully chosen essential oils make it a favourite. A must have in the day to day or when chapped lips and chapped skin around the mouth is needing extra care. We like to leave a tin on the nightstand to apply first thing in the morning and before we got to sleep. This will quickly become a must have for you.