Holistic Essential Remedies by Sabrina

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Waterdown, On

I'm a Registered Reflexologist, Holistic Aromatherapist & Reiki Practitioner. Your total health is a combination of body, mind and spirit wellness, and I combine modalities to address mind and body health issues you may be addressing. I truly believe that symptoms we experience in our daily lives are messengers encouraging us to take better care of ourselves.

Available treatments include Foot Reflexology, Aromatic Lymphatic Massage, Reiki Energy Healing (in person and distance), and combinations of all 3 modalities. Aromatherapy wellness consultations are available whereby I develop treatment plans/products to address health concerns. I also provide Animal Reiki sessions (dogs, cats, horses).

I have a full product line of essential oils, HERbS Synergy blends & bespoke facial care that are handcrafted, 100% plant-based, organic and sustainable whenever possible. I carry therapeutic CBD oil on my website and in my treatment studio, and I'm a passionate educator of all things botanical and wellness.

If you have questions about anything I offer and wonder if it would be right for you, please don't hesitate to reach out and chat, no strings attached.

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