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We have built a community to help you increase exposure, credibility, and influence so you can further grow your business and continue doing what you love.




  • Your own personal business profile within our online directory

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  • Opportunity for Featured Posts on our IG feed! (Feature Friday & Tuesday Mini-Features)

"If you’re looking to support local shops in Hamilton then this is the place for you. It’s a collective of all the local small businesses you can think of - from arts to baked goods to digital marketing solutions. You wouldn’t have to go elsewhere to find what you’re looking for. As an entrepreneur, Hamilton Supports Local embraces a sense of community and has advocated small business owners through encouraging the community to support local especially during this time. Hats off to the brilliant ladies behind Hamilton Supports Local." 

     - Germaine Collins, Gold Bars Desserts

"Whether you are a blossoming entrepreneur such as myself looking to connect or someone looking for a way to support our creative community, Hamilton Supports Local is it! A collective resource of creative, compassionate and ambitious homemade, retail and service oriented individuals providing for the Hamilton Area. A wonderful initiative brought to life by thoughtful and talented minds. Connect, create and more!"

     - Lorraine Lowry, Heart & Soul Creative

"Hamilton Supports Local dedicated a day of Instagram take over on their socials to my business! It was super helpful to gain more followers and exposure for my business. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Hamilton Supports Local community!"

     - Erica Ippolito, Bright Minds Box

"These ladies truly went above and beyond in my Friday feature. They took a topic that was so near and dear to my heart and honoured my angel baby beautifully. Way to go !! What a pleasure to work with."

      - Stephany, Grayson’s Army & author of Mommy Says I Have A Brother

"Thank you Hamilton Supports Local for creating a hub for our community to support each other! Keep bringing us together with your positive energy and hard work!!"

      - Priya Patel Mohan, sariKNOTsari