Little Darling Revival

Little Darling Revival is a kid's thrift shop in Hamilton that offers a wide array of gently used items including, books, shoes, clothing, and toys.

We asked Tanya, the owner of Little Darling Revival, the story behind her business. This is what she had to say,

"I have fond memories growing up thrift shopping with my mom. She would always take me into consignment shops or the local Salvation Army and we would hunt for deals. Over the years it became quite an obsession (for us both!) and I just grew to love the idea of shopping second hand, not only for saving money but also for giving clothes a second chance and making eco-friendly shopping choices during our time here with Mother Earth.

After having my daughter, I couldn't believe how quickly she grew out of her clothing! The clothes were worn maybe a handful of times and then shoved in a box and stored in the basement. Then the same thing happened with the next few months and so on. To avoid spending money on the clothes my daughter would quickly outgrow, I was buying her clothes second hand...and it became such a thrill to find pieces that have been gently used or still have the tags on them. It just goes to show that there is so much out there in the baby market and I wanted to bring affordable, gently used clothing into the hands of others out there trying to keep up with dressing rapidly growing children in an affordable and eco-friendly way.

This little shop has always been something I wanted to do, but I found it difficult trying to figure out how to do it in a way that works for me as a mom (soon to be going back to work!). With COVID-19 keeping us away from stores & social media being a norm for us all these days, I found Instagram to be the most accessible way to reach those looking to find items. I had no idea that Instagram is such a gathering place for all things second hand...there are really some pages out there with so many people selling pre-loved items. I love that I am now a part of that community and have connected with some wonderful people through my shop. I truly LOVE everything that it has brought me. Especially knowing the Little Darling's are REVIVING items from the past.

Most Popular Item

Lately, the FALL clothing has been a hit! There's just something about Fall clothing that everyone seems to love. In weeks since opening the shop, I have been doing deals, such as Toonie Tuesday (PJ's for $2!), Monthly Book sales (always a hit!), and offering Flash Sales on items throughout the month.

Little Darling Revival is offering 25% OFF when you mention FEATURE FRIDAY until August 25th through Instagram Direct Message.

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