Wicked Lovely Creations

Meet Emily! The owner and creator of Wicked Lovely Creations. We asked Emily how she started Wicked Lovely Creations and this is what she had to say,

"I've always loved to express myself creatively and I could never picture myself at a typical 9-5 job. After binging Shark Tank, I was inspired to sell things that I made and opened an Etsy shop. I actually started off selling jewelry that had images that I took/graphically designed, sealed under glass. About a year in, I discovered hand stamping and fell in love! I started adding the stamped pieces I made to my online shop and it grew from there! Four years later, here I am!"

Wicked Lovely Creations makes sassy and sweet accessories that speak for themselves (literally!) Their products are hand stamped one letter at a time, so every piece has slight variations that make them unique. Most of them have cheeky quotes on them, guaranteed to bring out some giggles. These stamped accessories are a way to express yourself without saying a damn thing!

Our Signature Product

The sweary ones are definitely my most popular (ex. “Best f*cking friend ever” keychain, “F*ck f*ck f*ckity f*ck” bracelet, “Allergic to bullsh*t” keychain) and they happen to be some of my favourites too.

"I think humour is a great way to make you feel good, so I love to create pieces with funny/sassy quotes. Life can be stressful (especially lately), so why not look at your wrist and see “kick today in the dick” to cheekily inspire you to keep going?!"

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